Pollyanna (2003) TV Drama Movie

Staring:Amanda Burton, Kenneth Cranham, and Georgina Terry
Director: Sarah Harding

When you need to turn you frown upside down , Pollyanna is just what the doctor ordered.

A recently made orphan named Pollyanna moves to her only living relative’s home, Aunt Polly an  unwed, uptight women who has solely taken her in out of a sense of duty. Aunt Polly lives in a small English town full of sad and anxious folk. One by one Pollyanna changes these pessimists into optimists with her “Glad Game” the point of which is to find a situation that is worse than the current predicament so that they can feel glad they are better off.  Will Pollyanna warm the ice cold heart of her aunt Polly? Will there ever be a situation Pollyanna can’t find something to be glad about? Watch and find out.

This period-piece (great for those that love history) set in the early 1900’s is great for those that have a tendency to be blue like me.  The “Glade Game” is great therapy. After watching this movie I found myself say well at least I can be glad that…. Even if you don’t lean toward the blues, you will find something to love about this heartwarming movie.  A word of warning, although at the end of this movie you are left with a sense of satisfaction, there are parts where a tissue might be needed, so make sure to have a box on hand.


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