Brave (Movie 2012)

Brave: Movie 2012 (PG 93 min)  Ages 9 and up

Disney movies are always fun for everyone.

Merida is not your typical prim and proper princess instead she prefers to live life with a little more freedom.  This gets her into a bit of a pickle when her mother decides to have the clans send their leader’s sons to compete for Merida’s hand in marriage.   Merida surprises her family and everyone else by competing for the right for her own hand.  Her mother is furious with her which causes Merida to take off on her horse where she encounters the wisps that lead her to a witch.  This is where the time old saying be careful what you wish for comes into play.  Merida asks the witch for a spell that would change her mother, she meant her mother’s mind about the wedding, but like all magic it never quite turns out the way you think it will.  To see what the spell does and to see how the movie ends watch to find out.

I have to say that I was not expecting the movie to turn out the way it did the movie trail was a bit misleading but I still enjoyed the movie a lot.  I also thought it was interesting that this is the first princess movie, that I can think of, that does not have a love interest. The lack of love interest makes it a bit more bearable for the boys in the audience even though the movie is mostly about a mother daughter relationship.  Merida is a role model girls can look up to and guys can admire. This movie will probably be most interesting to those with Scottish Hermitage or those interested in legends and stories of wisps.

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2 thoughts on “Brave (Movie 2012)

  1. Good review. Started off very promising, but then just falls into kiddie-land and seemed like a real disappointment. Oh well, maybe Pixar will knock it out of the park again soon. Hopefully, that is.

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