The Queen of Cool by Cecil Castellucci

The Queen of Cool (2006)
166 pgs
Age 14 and up

Libby Brin is The Queen of Cool but she is oh so bored with it. Her friends are jerks and she does the same things all the time.   Libby gets descent grades for not trying, imagine the grades she could get if she applied herself.   In a moment of a mental break down Libby sees a signup sheet for a winter internship at the LA Zoo with only one name on it, but the name is on the last line.  The name at the bottom belongs to Tina, a little person Libby’s crowd loves to make fun of, particularly Libby’s friend Perla.  Libby signs her name and her fate.  During the orientation she is assigned to the Blue Team with Tina and Sheldon, Tina’s boyfriend.  Libby is not exactly thrilled with the team assignment.

Will Libby find what she is looking for?  Will The Queen of Cool abdicate her thrown for good? Read to find out what kind of trouble could possible come from working at a zoo.

This book was pretty interesting.  It is written through the point of view of Libby, The Queen of Cool. Who doesn’t like to get in the head of the populars once in a while (as long as you can get back out)?  I think everyone can enjoy and relate to a story were the main character is trying to find the place where they truly belong.

Because of some of the content mentioned in this book I feel that it is more appropriate for 14 and up.

Click this link for my Glogster review of this book


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