Sleeping Beauty and Other Favourite Fairy Tales Chosen and Translated by Angela Carter

Sleeping Beauty & Other Favourite Fairy Tales (1982) 128 pgs Age 10 and up

Sleeping Beauty & Other Favourite Fairy Tales (1982)
128 pgs
Age 10 and up

This book is a collection of 13 fairy tale stories including; Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Donkey-Skin, and Cinderella: or, The Little Glass Slipper.  You are most likely familiar with all  the stories mention above except Donkey- Skin. Donkey-Skin is a fairy tale about a king who’s wife has just died. But before she dies she makes him promise that he will remarry. She wants to look like she is not selfish but she does not really want him to remarry, so she adds that the women he remarries must be more beautiful than her, thinking that this is not possible. The king, heartbroken and hesitant agrees. Now the next part is disturbing but I assure you that it all ends well and the king was not in his right mind so keep reading. So the King realizes that he must make good on this promise while he is dwelling on this his daughter happens by. She has grown into a beautiful young woman and is the only one more pretty then her mother, so the king purposes. The daughter horrified contacts her fairy godmother, the Lilac Fairy, who suggest that the princess agree to marry her father only if he is able to make a dress the color of the sky because she believed this impossible. Guess what it isn’t. The fairy has three more failed suggestions. The last involved the king skinning his prized position a donkey who pooped gold coins; the fairy thought he would never part with it. The princess dressed in the skin which the fairy-enchanted and ran away. She finds work at a farm where they make fun of her for wearing the donkey skin. The Fairy sends the dresses that the king had made to her and one day she puts it on in her room, a prince happened by and saw her but was not able to speak to her. There starts the love story which I will leave for you to read.

There are more fairy tales stories in this book that I was not familiar with. The ones that I am familiar with were because of Disney and let’s just say that they are different and worth reading. I believe these are written for a more modern audience so they may not be true to the original tales. The fun part is they also include a moral at the end of each story.


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