Clueless (Movie 1995)

There’s drama at Beverly Hills High. Cher, the most popular girl in school loves her projects.  This time she may have bitten off more than she can chew.  Her grades are low and her teacher will not listen to her pleas and excuses so she decides to try to make a love connection to soften her teacher’s cold heart.  While this goes on a new girl, Tai,  enters the school and is clearly in need of Cher’s assistance.  New project. Cher takes her under her wing and  nurtures her into a lady fit for her crowd, but has she created a monster?  To top things off Cher wants a boyfriend and is not fond of high school boys so when one shows up that she finds suitable.  She decides to take herself on as a project, but he doesn’t exactly turn out  to be what she expected.  Will things turn around for Cher? Will she manage to keep it together? watch to find out.

The movie is a retelling of Jane Austin’s Emma who was also found of matchmaking.  So if you like this movie you might want to check out this book.  Because of some of the content I am suggesting that the age level be 14 and up.


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