Arthur Christmas (Movie 2012)

ArtXmasdvd[1]Looking for a new Christmas movie this year? check out Arthur Christmas, it’s sure to delight.  Arthur is a Claus but not the next in line to be Santa. He is a bit of a screw-up, but he loves Christmas.  Arthur responsibility is to answer the mail that is sent to Santa.  The movie opens with a little girl sending a letter to Santa asking him if he is real and how what he does is possible.  She also includes what she wants for Christmas, a pink bike with training wheels, just in case he is real.  The whole Santa operation is in a state of transition; it’s going more high tech and the eldest son, Steve,  is starting to take over. Through all the hustle and bustle, a present gets lost. The present is found with some time left before Christmas morning, but Steve writes it off as an acceptable error.  Arthur is the only one that seems to care that the child will not be getting their present. The child turns out to be Gwen the little girl from the beginning of the movie Arthur is determined to get her her gift before morning to do this he goes old school with the help of grand Santa and a warping elf, but things don’t go as planned.  Will Gwen get her gift? What trouble will Arthur, an epic screw up, get himself into? watch to find out.


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