Another Cinderella Story (Movie 2008)


Another Cinderella Story (2008)
Age 11 and up

This movie is number two in “a Cinderella Story” series.  But it is not really a squeal as much as it is another girl’s story.  This Cinderella’s name is Mary Santiago and she lives with her guardian a has been pop star and her two daughters. She is basically their unpaid under-appreciated assistant.

Enter new pop sensation and heartthrob Joey Parker and things start to get interesting.  Mary wants to dance and Joey is holding a talent show, the winner gets to dance with him in his new video.  But hold up, there is a dance before this talent show and guess what, it is a masquerade.

Who dances with Joey Parker and sweeps him off his feet?  Yup, your right Mary Santiago, and of course she has to race off before her wicked guardian finds out she is missing, but she leaves a clue for her prince charming; her Zune.   This starts the search. Watch to find out how things unfold.


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