The Karate Kid (Movie1984)

Age 13 and up

Daniel Larusso has just moved with his mother to a new town.  Mr. Miyagi is the maintenance man at the apartment complex where Daniel now resides.  They become friends after Daniel gets in trouble with some bullies because of his intresr in a girl named Ali.  These bullies are learning how to do karate and in a desperate attempt to learn how to defend himself Daniel begs Mr. Miyagi to teach him.  Mr. Miyagi ends up teaching much more. T

he bullies and Daniel enter a karate tournament. Watch to find out what happens.  May the best man win.

There are three Karate Kid movies that have Daniel in them,  as well as one with a girl (Hilary Swank) called The Next Karate Kid, and a new one featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.


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