Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2005)
498 pgs
Age 14 and up

Bella Swans is the new girl in Forks, Washington and she is not exactly thrilled about it, that is until she meets Edward Cullen.  There is something strange about him and her suspicions are heightened when he saves her from being crushed by a car.  This gets her asking questions and she finds some answers from Jacob a family friend who tells her about the legend of the cold ones.  This does not slow down our narrator, oh no, she has fallen too hard for Edward.  The two form an attachment that shakes the foundation of both their worlds. James a fellow Vampire, but the human blood sucking kind, has developed a crush on Bella, and not the good kind. He wants to hunt her down and suck her blood. The Cullens try to protect her but will it be enough? Read to find out.

This book draws you in and you will be hooked in no time but, I feel that it is important to remind girls that the intense obsession between Bella and Edward is part of a vampire motif.  That does not mean that it is a healthy example of real relationships.

Here is the trailer to the first twilight movie.  Just a heads up the movies get better so keep watching the series.


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