Is Dystopian Fiction Tween Appropriate?

Lets face it dystopian fiction can be a bit depressing.  It can be  full of violence and other emotionally disturbing things.  But it can also bring attention to societal problems that can become catastrophic in the future.  One example would be the quest for sameness.  The Giver by Lois Lowry explores the consequences of this quest.  The society created by Lowry has sought sameness and in […]

Cultural Diversity in Fiction

It is said that fiction increase/improves empathy. How can reading books from diverse cultures and lifestyles help increase our cultural competence, as well as tweens? There is an interesting article on the topic of cultural diversity in fiction written by Colleen Mondor, Kids of Color and the New American Whitewashing.  Mondor talks about the covers of book having white model featured […]

Holes by Louis Sachar : Bullying or Drama?

Stanley Yelnats’s family is cursed thanks to his “no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather”  by the same name.  Because of this curse Stanley gets shipped off to Camp Green Lake, its no summer camp, instead it is a detention center.  Troubled boys are sent there to build character while they dig holes.  Or at least that is what he is lead to believe.  Eventually […]

Books About Tough Issues

Serving Young Teens and ‘Tweens by Sheila B. Anderson talks about how tweens are going through a lot at this stage in their lives. This is also a time when they begin to pull away from their parents, for this entry we will say they pull away from their parents as a source of information […]