Another Cinderella Story (Movie 2008)

This movie is number two in “a Cinderella Story” series.  But it is not really a squeal as much as it is another girl’s story.  This Cinderella’s name is Mary Santiago and she lives with her guardian a has been pop star and her two daughters. She is basically their unpaid under-appreciated assistant. Enter new pop sensation […]

The Karate Kid (Movie1984)

Daniel Larusso has just moved with his mother to a new town.  Mr. Miyagi is the maintenance man at the apartment complex where Daniel now resides.  They become friends after Daniel gets in trouble with some bullies because of his intresr in a girl named Ali.  These bullies are learning how to do karate and in a […]

Arthur Christmas (Movie 2012)

Looking for a new Christmas movie this year? check out Arthur Christmas, it’s sure to delight.  Arthur is a Claus but not the next in line to be Santa. He is a bit of a screw-up, but he loves Christmas.  Arthur responsibility is to answer the mail that is sent to Santa.  The movie opens with a little girl sending […]

Aquamarine (Movie 2006)

Claire and Hailey  are two teens that find an unexpected treasure during a difficult time.  Claire and Hailey are best friends that are about to be separated because Hailey’s mom has gotten a job in Australia.  Hailey is determined to make the best of the time they have left together, but Claire keeps bringing it up.  The next day after a great storm Claire […]

Clueless (Movie 1995)

There’s drama at Beverly Hills High. Cher, the most popular girl in school loves her projects.  This time she may have bitten off more than she can chew.  Her grades are low and her teacher will not listen to her pleas and excuses so she decides to try to make a love connection to soften her teacher’s cold heart.  While this goes on a new girl, Tai,  enters […]

Brave (Movie 2012)

Brave: Movie 2012 (PG 93 min)  Ages 9 and up Disney movies are always fun for everyone. Merida is not your typical prim and proper princess instead she prefers to live life with a little more freedom.  This gets her into a bit of a pickle when her mother decides to have the clans send their leader’s sons to compete for […]

Pollyanna (2003) TV Drama Movie

TV Movie DRAMA Staring:Amanda Burton, Kenneth Cranham, and Georgina Terry Director: Sarah Harding When you need to turn you frown upside down , Pollyanna is just what the doctor ordered. A recently made orphan named Pollyanna moves to her only living relative’s home, Aunt Polly an  unwed, uptight women who has solely taken her in out of […]